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What exactly does a standard service involve?

SelectCleaning comes to your home either weekly or fortnightly to carry out the normal cleaning most people do regularly.

Here are the common tasks we look after (Look here for a full list of our standard specs):

1 Dusting

We dust all horizontal surfaces in all rooms you want cleaned. This may be done with a dry duster or a damp cloth. Some areas will be done every time (E.G. tables, windowsills etc) and some will be dusted as required (E.G. Skirting boards, above doors etc)

2 Spot Cleaning

We spot clean marks around doors, light switches and power points.

3 Floors

We fully vacuum and wash all floors

4 Kitchen

We fully clean all exterior surfaces in the kitchen (excluding ceiling). Items are moved on benches. Stainless steel is cleaned and left sparkling.

5 Bathrooms & Showers

Bathrooms & showers are fully cleaned.

6 Toilets

Toilets are cleaned and sanitised.

7 Extras

On top of the regular cleaning your cleaners will be happy to help with any other extras you may want done - oven cleaning, window cleaning, spring cleaning etc.


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